Privacy Policy

Ace Firearms, Inc. values your privacy as much as your second amendment rights. 


Ace Firearms, Inc. will not provide or sell your information to any third party advertisers

of any kind. Ace Firearms, Inc. will not provide your information to any advertisers of 

any kind without your consent. 


Ace Firearms, Inc. does submit your information to our online credit card processor and

our online charge verification processor for review of any charges relating to orders placed through 

our website. This information is transmitted through our secure SSL link at the time the online order

is placed. No data is stored on our site or on our servers relating to credit card numbers. 


In the event of court order, legal proceedings, legally authorized search warrant, or federal ATF guidelines, 

Ace Firearms, Inc. may be required to provide such information as order history or other account information 

to comply with such guidelines or orders. Ace Firearms, Inc. will comply with all state and federal guidelines

regarding the sale of these products as required by law.