Terms & Conditions

Use of the Ace Firearms, Inc. site is specifically governed by the following terms and conditions. Any purchase

through this website specifically acknowledges and is governed by these terms and conditions:


ALL Firearm sales are shipped to current FFL licensees ONLY. Your selected FFL MUST send their FFL

by fax to (864) 509-6102 or by e-mail to info@acefirearms.com within 5 business days of ordering or the

order will be cancelled. Regardless of what you here in the media, we can not ship firearms to your house.


Criminal Record Exclusions:


You agree that you are not a convicted felon, currently awaiting trial or sentencing for a felony,

or prohibited in any way from purchasing firearms or ammunition under state or federal law.


Age Restrictions:


You must be 18 years or older to purchase rifle or other long guns and long gun ammunition.


You must be 21 years or older to purchase handguns and handgun ammunition.


Shipping requirements:


ALL Handguns must ship overnight express delivery to the FFL your choice.


Rifles and other long guns are shipped standard ground service the the FFL of your choice.


All ammunition buyers must:

It is our company policy to sell ammunition and firearms to properly-licensed US citizens only.

You will be asked to agree to these terms and submit a government issued identification verifying your age to be at least 21 years BEFORE the order will be processed.

Submit a copy of a government issued identification to prove your age is at least 21 years. This i.d. should be submitted before or with your order.


ALL ammunition, primers, or powder are shipped UPS or FEDEX ground services. Air Freight is not available on these products.


ALL Ammunition, primers, powder, or other explosive devices are shipped "Delivery Confirmation required" and "Adult Signature Required".

This is done for safety and Liability reasons to keep potentially dangerous items away from children/ minors. This is an Ace Firearms, Inc. policy

decision. If you don't agree, please purchase your items from another site.


Scopes, holsters, or other accesories can be shipped by any mode of shipment prefered.


State Shipping Restrictions:


State of Alaska       We do not ship to the state of Alaska.

State of California  No tracer or incendiary ammunition

                              Plus the the following city and or County restrictions:

                              City of Los Angeles             No ammunition shipments

                               Marin County                     CCW card must be on file for deliveries.

                               Oakland                            No ammunition shipments

                              San Francisco                   No ammunition shipments


State of Connecticut                One of the following is required:

                                                A valid permit to carry a pistol or revolver

                                                A valid permit to sell at retail a pistol or revolver

                                                A valid eligibility certificate for a pistol or revolver

                                                A valid long gun eligibility certificate

A valid ammunition certificate and a legal photo ID that shows date of birth and photograph.

State of Hawaii                We do not ship to the state of Hawaii

State of Illinois                  FOID card must be on file for deliveries.

State of Massachusetts      No ammunition shipments

State of New Jersey           Must have firearms & ammunition identification card

      on file before we ship.

"No person shall sell, give, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of, or receive, purchase, or otherwise acquire handgun ammunition unless the purchaser, assignee, donee, receiver or holder is licensed as a manufacturer, wholesaler, or dealer under this chapter or is the holder of and possesses a valid firearms purchaser identification card, a valid copy of a permit to purchase a handgun, or a valid permit to carry a handgun and first exhibits such card or permit to the seller, donor, transferor or assignor."

State of New York             No shipments after January 14, 2014 unless shipped to  

     licensed FFL dealer. Ammunition or firearms.


     Freight Free to support our customers in NY and offset any transfer

     fees charged by FFL dealers for ammunition transfers.

                                         Manhattan                        No ammunition shipments

                                         Bronx                               No ammunition shipments

                                         Brooklyn                          No ammunition shipments

                                         Queens                            No ammunition shipments

                                         Staten Island                    No ammunition shipments


Washington D.C.                No ammunition shipments


Additional shipping restrictions may be added as required by each state. Any purchases from any restricted areas will be cancelled and/or voided.




Ace Firearms, Inc. is very customer service oriented. We make every effort to keep our customers happy. However, errors do occur on occasion. In the event of an error or a customer not receiving what they expected, the following guidelines MUST apply: 


Firearms and ammunition are non-returnable items. This is due to liability issues relating to these items being out of controlled stock. Given the non-returnable nature of these items, please make sure you are ordering the correct firearm and/or ammunition. If there is an issue with a firearm, please contact the manufacturer directly to address any quality or defect issues. If you received an incorrect shipment of ammunition, DO NOT return the shipment. Please send us an e-mail or call and, upon verification of an incorrect shipment, we will ship the correct items at no additional charge. Incorrect ammunition shipments must be disposed of by the receiver. 


Used items are non-returnable. Any item considered for return MUST be new and in the original packaging. 


Items considered for return MUST have an RGA (return goods authorization) number assigned before shipment is received. This RGA number will identify the shipment and reason for return. Shipments received without a valid RGA number will be refused


Items ordered in error by the customer MUST be shipped prepaid by the customer with the RGA attached on the outside of the box. Items damaged in shipping while being returned to Ace Firearms, Inc. will be refused. So, please make sure the items are well packaged for the return trip. Items shipped in error or in questionable condition upon receipt by the customer (damaged in shipping) will be replaced freight free by Ace Firearms, Inc. upon return receipt at Ace Firearms, Inc. and upon inspection/determination of damage to the products. 

Ace Firearms, inc. terms and conditions may be changed from time to time as required by state or federal law or as needed by Ace Firearms, Inc.